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Statement of Intents

You’ll never be happy paying for an IT service, in one case because there are always problems and you feel that your’re wasting your money and in the opposite case because you don’t have to usually call the IT provider for a technical problem and you might end asking yourself why are you paying for something invisible. We are offering solutions that falls in that second case.

We are experts in the next areas :

  • Rescue/mediation for overdue or overrun projects
  • Digital Signage (Customized CMS, content delivery and kiosk/player building).
  • Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Big Data.
  • Desktop, management and applications.
  • Processes automation and Business Intelligence dashboards.
  • Customized or standard websites/online platforms (including WordPress).

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FlexVega DevOps Developers makes the difference

GMT+1 Timezone / Global Overlap

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Make more profitable your investment with maintainable solutions

From an MVP to a massive content delivery system, FlexVega DevOps Development delivers software with high standards of quality enabling further extension and adding new features painlessly as your company grows.

Keep your investment and time on the solutions built by FlexVega being able to reuse it as the foundation for a bigger product or service as your business evolves.

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Incremental development delivery

Observe and try your solution while it is still being developed, don’t wait until the deadline date just to realize that the delivered solution does not fit your needs.

Also by receiving incremental development versions you will have the ability to test it and redefine and optimize features which will make your solution more successful.

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FlexVega can offer one of the lowest TCO cost

Our solutions and best practices allows us to offer low to none maintenance, less bugs and higher uptime resulting a on one of lowest TCO costs for every solution made by us.

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C: +34 623 03 12 94 (Whatsapp too)

Drop by anytime, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.